Chinese overseas Stratford

Chinese overseas has been run by mr lee and his family for over 40 years, he has seen Stratford change drastically over the decades.
I’ve personally going here all my life so I though I would go take some pictures and review it.

Firstly he has this amazing stitching framed on the wall of the Great Wall of china I have admired this ever since I was tiny


The food will I it had chicken fried rice, sweet and sour prawn balls and beef chow mien
The chicken fried rice has been my favourite for years and years just the amazing amount of chicken rice perfectly cook great taste


The sweet and sour prawn balls I Don’t know where I got the taste for this I just seem to enjoy them it’s really hard to describe sweet n sour sauce but it goes very well with the chicken fried rice


Lastly the beef chow mien As u will see by the picture the size of the beef chunks are amazing normally when I get Chinese from elsewhere there is far to meany onion shots which really puts me off but here no worries with that perfect amount and the taste of the noodles is amazing


As for price the whole meal and two coca cola was 16 pound
The family are extremely friendly and never in a rush to get you out when finished Mr lee is more then happy to have friendly chats about whatever all have a good chat about the hammers

Would deco recommend to anyone looking for a good meal out.

Going to try review more restaurants and films in the future.


Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park – Aquatic Centre


Did you want to go swimming in the Aquatic Centre but you didn’t because you thought it was too expensive then think again. Me and a few mates decided to go swimming in the aquatic centre in the Olympic park where the 2012 London Olympic was hosted, and it was cheaper than I thought

It’s £4 per hour or £29 per month which is not bad for someone who love swimming.
And the Aquatic centre is open from Monday to Sunday 6am to 10:30pm

If you want more information click here

Or call 0208 536 3150

For everyone who’s trying to giving up smoking


October is fast approaching and people are taking part in stoptober where people give up smoking for 28 days and you can get support to by the NHS to help you through that 28 days and for someone who smokes I know how hard it is to give up, so start you new year’s resolution early and kick the habbit for good. And this year over 30000 people are taking part.

Click here to find out more about stoptober

September 1st already

Its September the 1st already in 2014, Where has this year gone.


in January we had the London short film festival and from reviews i have read it was a  great success 


In February the london natural history museum had a exhibit, one millions years of human history.

which i personally went to with my partner and it was extremely interesting to find out the passed out of ancestors

of course naratited  by Sir David Attenborough


In March Football was heading to wembley stadium for the league cup final for the chance of 100,000 prize money and the chance to qualify for the UEFA Europe League between bradford and swansea 

remember watching this from home getting ready to cheer bradford on but sadly they ended up losing to swansea 5-0


In April it was of course the London marathon around 30,000 runners flood the streets of the capital to take part in the London Marathon raising millions for charities  


In May Once again Football Is feeling up wembley stadium with the fa, the FA cup finally taking its place back of being the last game of the english season, the clash between Arsenal and Hull, Arsenal won the match 3-2 ending there 9 year drought without silverware.

In June  i cant remember much of june so i quickly searched for interesting events and found the Greenwich and Docklands festival a free 9 day festival offering from world class theatre and dance and family entertainment

In July this month was very special to me growing up i used to watch monty python with my grandmother and we used to wet ourselves of laughter when i heard there doing alive performance at the o2 i tried to get tickets but they sold out so fast, so it was chocolate doritos and watching it live on the telly i hope you all enjoyed asmuch as me

in August Canary wharf was getting its jazz on with londons largest free jazz festival didnt go myself but i heard most of it from across the road at a friends from the cheering and shouting guessing it was good


Now its the 1st of September there is 4 months till december, here at focus we are hoping for September to be a good month, getting out projector to start our movie nights and whatever else we can think of a use for it to get the building together and socialising at least once a week.

hope the rest of the year is as good as it has been